Symbolic logic equivalency (logic, first-order-logic)

Why can't this logical statement be proved? (logic, first-order-logic)

Converting Sentences into first Order logic (nlp, first-order-logic)

Software Engineering Homework question - Specification - First-Order Theory (mergesort, first-order-logic)

first order logic & prolog (prolog, first-order-logic)

HElp with converting to first order logic (logic, predicates, first-order-logic)

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First Order Logic (artificial-intelligence, first-order-logic)

Alloy expression failed to be typechecked (logic, modeling, specification, first-order-logic, alloy)

Determining what logic set contains a specific statement: DL, FOL, Second-Order (ontology, first-order-logic, description-logic)

What's this boolean law called (boolean, logic, boolean-logic, boolean-expression, first-order-logic)

Logic simplification in sml (pattern-matching, expression, sml, first-order-logic)

How to translate a first-order logic sentence into a restriction in Protègè with string matching? (string-matching, ontology, protege, first-order-logic)

How can a coq Set or Type be a proposition (types, set, coq, boolean-expression, first-order-logic)

cryptarithmetic prolog test fails recursion idea (prolog, artificial-intelligence, swi-prolog, first-order-logic)

Propositional Theorem Proving [closed] (logic, breadth-first-search, theorem-proving)

How to get the first rows after order (order)

Order of Growth for Functions (order)

How does a programmer think? [closed] (logic)

Using Boolean operators (logic)

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