Regular expression for password validation that doesn't allow spaces [closed] (ruby-on-rails, ruby, regex)

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Hide Work sheet with axlsx gem (ruby-on-rails, ruby, axlsx)

Rails Form Helper - Always have the beginning value for the user (ruby-on-rails, ruby, forms)

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will_paginate nested object Rails (ruby-on-rails, ruby, will-paginate)

How do I use .map to parse response when response has inconsistent values? (ruby-on-rails, ruby, yelp)

Using Find query (ruby-on-rails, ruby, postgresql)

Get raw parameter data in Ruby on Rails (ruby-on-rails, ruby, parameters)

rake db:migrate not doing anything (ruby-on-rails, ruby, dbmigrate)

Conversion from ISO8601 Duration to Time and from Time to ISO8601 Duration (ruby-on-rails, ruby, iso8601)

How can I push consecutive same elements into subarrays? (ruby-on-rails, ruby, ruby-1.8.7)

Rails 4. Two model in view. Unknown number of object in second model (ruby-on-rails, ruby, rails-activerecord, rails-models)

Configure rails console depending on environment (ruby-on-rails, ruby, ruby-on-rails-3, rails-console)

Appending a constant Array in the main app from a Rails engine (ruby-on-rails, constants, rails-engines)

Routing Error in rails app 'uninitialized constant HomeController' (ruby-on-rails, rails-routing, foundation)

Rails Sunspot merging hit highlighting with content (ruby-on-rails, sunspot, sunspot-rails)

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