Clientside going serverside with node.js

Tag: node.js Author: lzy371 Date: 2009-11-23

I`ve been looking for a serverside language for some time, and python got my attention somewhat. But as I already know and love javascript, I now want learn to code on the server with js and node.js.

Now, what books and what subjects do I need to learn to understand the serverside world better?

(let me know if Im to vague)

Best Answer

I'm not aware of any printed resources about node.js. Some good places to start are:


There is also the website with a lot of informative entries. is really good. I've added it to the list.

Other Answer1

The HTTP/1.1 spec is very informative.

Other Answer2

Learn python, it'll make you a better node.js programmer because it has good examples for all the networking features.

JavaScript is my favorite language, but I've spent some time in python and the standard library is really good for learning the basics of sockets, file descriptors, and networking.