Show the download progress by default and no hide button

Tag: inno-setup Author: lvanjie Date: 2014-02-03

When starting to download files from my setup, it only appears total progress and the button details to show what appears in the next image:

enter image description here

What I want to do is to have that step by default without hitting details button and not showing the hide button.

Thanks in advanced.

Best Answer

I assume, that we are talking about this Inno Download Plugin. On its source code page I found the idp.iss script file which seems to be an interface to the library. It contains the idpShowDetails function which if you call with the show parameter set to True will show the detail components, that you can see by clicking the details button. What remains then is hiding that details button, which in the script is accessible through the IDPForm record variable's DetailsButton member. Through this member you can set the Visible property to False to hide that button.

To realize this without modifying the original scripts you can include the following piece of code into your existing script:

procedure CurPageChanged(CurPageID: Integer);
  // if the downloader page was just shown, then...
  if CurPageID = IDPForm.Page.ID then
    // show the detail components
    // and hide the details button
    IDPForm.DetailsButton.Visible := False;

And a screenshot:

enter image description here


I test it in the afternoon and I commented, thank you
It is perfect, thank you
You're welcome! I'm glad it worked :-)