Blackberry Simulator - printing only relevant debug messages

Tag: debugging , logging , blackberry Author: marykiki123122 Date: 2009-08-14

When debugging in the blackberry simulator, the console prints out a lot of other information relevant to the simulator along with the debug information printed in the application I develop. Is there a way to print only the debug messages of the application I am running in the simulator?

Best Answer

I always format my debug messages in specific way:

System.out.print("   ---RTP:"+message);

So it's easy to find specific message from my app.
Also, it's great to scrollock console searching or reading messages.


Thanks, I too do something similar, however wading through the messages being printed is a pain. Do we have some flags or something to prevent the simulator from printing its own messages?
It would be great to have such ability, but I can't find it... BTW, EventLog may be an alternative.