NSTextField set maximum characters

Tag: max , nstextfield Author: a08422597 Date: 2009-09-16

Is there an easy way for me to set a limit on the amount of characters my NSTextField can have? I don't want to have a counter then warn the user if it's over the limit, I want to set the limit so if it's past x characters that's it, they can't type anymore.

Best Answer

Check out NSFormatter. It can help you do what you're looking for and a lot more. If you don't need something that complicated, you might try the NSTextField delegate methods.


Thanks a bunch!
Sure thing, anytime.

Other Answer1

You could use Key-Value Validation to ensure the max. length is never exceeded.

This would allow you to additionaly notify the user if the entered length was too long - or you could just quietly modify the value.