`Vagrant Up` not working in Pycharm

Tag: vagrant , pycharm Author: jswjswxing Date: 2014-01-26

I have been trying to set up Vagrant with my project in PyCharm, but I've run into a problem. In Preferences > Vagrant I have set the path to the Vagrant executable (obtained via which vagrant), and I have set the instance folder to the project root. There is one Vagrant Box in the list on that same page (precise32 (virtualbox))

A Vagrantfile exists in my project, but when I go to Tools > Vagrant > Up, a file dialog appears, and regardless of what I select next (e.g. Vagrantfile, vagrant executable), nothing happens (i.e. the Run window doesn't open).

I've been looking at different pages in the Pycharm documentation but it has brought me no closer to an answer.

How can I get vagrant up working in Pycharm?

Note: I am using PyCharm 2.7 on Mac 10.7.5, if that helps