Visual basic 6 and isDate in bulgarian

Tag: vb6 Author: hahallj Date: 2013-05-26

has anyone used IsDate in bulgarian reginal settings with VB6?

For example today is "11.6.2013 ?."

IsDate("11.6.2013 ?.")

returns error.

Any help?

Is "11.6.2013 ?." the exact string returned from CStr(Data)? IsDate() should always recognise the current locale.
there's a text box: txtBox.text = Date then later on if IsDate(txtBox.text) then... this gives me errors
Apologies for my ignorance here, but what does the ?. do on the end of the string?
It is the date as shown when using bulgarian regional settings in windows xp
This is a known bug. A workaround is to change short-date format in regional settings. In commercial products I'm hooking GetLocaleInfo API call (as imported by Oleaut32.dll, comctl32.dll, etc.) instead, but this is harder to implement.