Is it possbile to hide tab without reload/refresh on next “unhide”?

Tag: google-chrome , google-chrome-extension , tabs Author: yszygs16 Date: 2013-07-01

I am not really sure if I'am asking the right question but I'll give a brief view of the question preconditions and what I'v tried.

I started with trying to find some simple extension for tab management which can group and allow to maniupalte with groups. Ok there are enough of the...

But I'v faced with full tabs reloading/refrehsing when opening/changing tabs group e.g. "tab sugar"/"opentab".

I do understand the the main goal of "onetab" is to reduce the memoryuseage so it simply saves data in localStorage and then you does a full tab create and load.

"Tab sugar" opens tab group with full reload either.

As for me, I don't want to wait for tabs reload/refresh.I have enough of ram so i want only logical clustering of tabs and the ability to switch between them quickly.

So the question is: is it possible someway to hide tab in such way that next "unhide" action "just shows"(like switiching from one tab to another) it in the state it was hidden ?

I thought about some tab visibility flag or mb move tabs to another window and then hide window but seems its not the right way.(i event dont want to wait for refresh with cached data)

I could not find the way in chrome api docs:(

Or mb there is some addon which already realise such behaviour?I'v googled but none of tested allows open group without full page reload/refresh.

Thanks in advance.