Keyboard shift key having issues

Tag: keyboard , key , shortcut , paste , shift Author: gogome Date: 2011-03-06

Whenever i press the Shift key, it causes the same effect as if i pressed the Ctrl+v shortcut. It pastes the last thing i highlighted over and over. A single press usually causes around 20 or so paste functions. Does anyone know what the issue might be. It is affecting both of the Shift keys on my usb external keyboard and the right Shift key on the laptops keyboard. I have tried updating the driver and it says that it is the most up to date driver. I have made sure the keyboards are clean and they are. I have also made sure that sticky keys is turned off and disabled through the keyboard shortcut. I do not know what setting to change to get rid of this.

If anyone can help, i would greatly appreciate it. Due to it affecting both the standard laptop keyboard as well as the external, i assume it is some setting and not the keyboards themselves. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

tried restarting?

Other Answer1

This happened to me. I had a USB keyboard plugged into my laptop and the main keyboard was doing it. I unplugged it and now it works fine.

Other Answer2

You just go to any drive C or D and copy any hidden file.

You can still work with your external keyboard and even if this does not help, check whether your insert button is pressed down or not.

Insert and Shift together perform paste function.