Does the Facebook API allow for automated changes to old post visibility?

In other words, is there an API that would allow a Facebook user to change their posts (through a 3rd party app), which are older than a specified date, from being visible to the list "Friends" to another one such as "Only Me" or "Close Friends"?

People are increasingly adding their professional and acquaintance contacts as Facebook friends.

It makes sense to limit the visibility of your posts — to cater to different audiences.

Going forward, that's easy as Facebook provides ample controls:

Post audience

However, the issue is that unless you had set it up like that from the start, there's no existing function to automatically change the visibility of all of your old wall posts and photos to "Only Me", "Close Friends", and so on.

This poses a problem, because manually going through posts one-by-one as far back as December 2004 is not viable:

Facebook post visibility change

When introducing Timeline, Facebook did provide a function to change all posts from "Public" to "Friends":

Change past post visibility

But it is not yet possible to change the audience of posts older than a certain date to "Only Me", "Close Friends", "Friends; Except: Acquaintances", etc.

However, it's clear that the underlying functionality to do that is there somewhere.

Are any functions available in the Facebook APIs for potentially building an application for that? If so, which?

Other Answer1

There is no functionality to edit user posts via API at all – not for content, not for privacy settings.