generating maven project inheritance/aggregation diagram

Tag: maven Author: butterflyqingshi Date: 2011-03-05

Anyone knows if it is possible to easily generate maven project inheritance/aggregation diagrams like those found in the link below?

"Figure 3.5. Enterprise Multi-module vs. Inheritance"

The image was taken from this page:

This is useful to quickly understand the structure of large maven projects.

Other Answer1

One really quick way to do this if you have Eclipse:

  • Install the m2eclipse plugin
  • Open your pom.xml, select the 'Dependency Graph' tab
  • press Print-Screen to capture the image

If you right-click on the graph, you'll see all kinds of presentation options that you can tweak. You can also use the search & filter controls at the top right of the window to change what's shown.

If you want a graph that is created during your build and stays up to date, you could try maven-overview-plugin (not quite the same as your diagram, but looks nice all the same) or EL4J.


thanks for the quick response. maven-overview-plugin & el4j looks good for generating dependencies.however,i'm trying to generate pom inheritance/aggregation (those specified in parent and modules/module tags within pom.xml) information, NOT the pom's dependencies.