iSCSI Packet Header

Tag: networking , tcp , packet , scsi , iscsi Author: ok005 Date: 2011-10-09

Does iSCSI introduce any layers (other than the TCP-headers themselves) on top of the SCSI packet? Are there any reference manuals for iSCSI other than the RFC itself? I need this information for controlling a RF-receiver over a Paralan iSCSI-to-SCSI-converter.

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Yes there are a number of functions that iSCSI must implement (to name the least, authentication and authorization) on top of standard SCSI functions.

The iSCSI PDU format is outlined in Chapter 10 of RFC 3720 - iSCSI

In terms iSCSI of reference material, I like Storage Networks Explained, 2nd Edition; this is a 2009 revision of the well-regarded first edition

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I recommend this book "iSCSI: The Universal Storage Connection".