flash loading external swf and change child input text field value

Tag: flash Author: weitianxia_2009 Date: 2009-09-08

Running into a wall here. I'm working with Flash AS2 and I have the following problem hope you can help.

I have a holder swf and a form swf. The holder loads the form swf _level0.myMC1.createEmptyMovieClip ("vaCell", _level0.myMC1.getNextHighestDepth ()); _level0.myMC1.loadMovie('form.swf');

The form contains input fields, dynamic text. with instance name ie 'title'

How can i change the text of the form.swf from with in the holder.swf _level0.myMC1.title.text= 'hello world'; does nothing

Help is much ablidged.



I just made more progress. as i understand when you use loadmovie the mc will no longer be an mc object. After more searching i found that you need a loader: // set up loader, an instance of MovieClipLoader, and use the main timeline ("this") // to listen to and respond to its broadcast events var loader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader(); loader.addListener(this); // define what should happen when the jpg/swf is completely loaded function onLoadInit(_mc:MovieClip) { // code here _mc.title.htmlText= '<h1>1test</h1>'; trace(_mc.title.htmlText); };
but it still doesnt show

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So the solution works. I noticed that there were version differences with the parent and child. Both are 9 now and it work!.