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Tag: video , twitter , twitter-api , embed Author: iriscch Date: 2012-02-28

I've just recently signed up to twitter due to clients request. When trying to post my custom video's url or direct link to the mp4 on twitter, I'm just getting the link.

When attempting the same with youtube, there is a dropdown "view video" tab. Is there specific headers that are needing to be sent? I can't find it in the API or on google. Or any question asked on here about it!

Or is the site needing to be whitelisted by twitter themselves?

Other Answer1

Use http://tinyurl.com/ and put in the url of your YouTube video it will give you a smaller url and tweet that


I'm trying to inline embed a custom video player, so a youtube url wouldn't help all to much.
This is the only way you can post a video on twitter, it is not facebook just 140 chars of text can be posted to a post on twitter
Tried your approach, I know what you're trying to say but it's not what I'm trying to achieve. You can always post a youtube link in twitter anyways as the link will never exceed 140 characters

Other Answer2

Either I'm more dense than usual or you are misunderstanding twitter.

Twitter is about sharing small text messages. When people share pictures or videos they share their URLs and some twitter clients can use those URL's to make the videos or pictures appear embedded in the twitter channel but is all dependant to the clients. Twitter itself does not support embedding things.


If you post in a youtube url, you'll notice it adds a "view video" tab button, which you can click and it will show inline a youtube video player which you can watch on twitter. I'm pretty much needing to do exactly the same as this but instead of the youtube video, use my own player. The client seems to think it's possible :(
twitter.com/#!/Bankzillaaaaaa for a visual on the tab
Oh. 1. That part about your own player is not clear to me in the original question and it is very important. 2. That "view video" button is showing in some twitter client or page, it won't necessary appear in every twitter client.
I've built a custom player from scratch using flash/ html5, depending on whether the browser can handle flash or not. I'm wanting my player to have the same effects as the youtube one has. Only signed up for twitter the same day I wrote this question so I shouldn't have any unstandard twitter client. (using chrome)