Embed player on Facebook Wall [duplicate]

Tag: flash , facebook , mp3 , embed Author: qiong3321 Date: 2010-10-27

Possible Duplicate:
How to embed a custom SWF based audio player into facebook wall posts?

I don't know how to do this so please help :)

I want to start posting mp3 links on my and other walls and at one point I saw someone do this and a mp3 player was embeded in facebook to play the audio. When I post a link all I get is the link people can click.

How do I: 1. make a flash playable on the FB wall via the clickable play thumbnail. 2. Make a mp3 playanle on the FB wall via the mp3 player fb uses.

Other Answer1

Facebook does this automatically for you if the link you post ends with .mp3. Try posting a link to a mp3 file and see :) It also works for sharing via facebook mail. Facebook also reads the artist and song title from the filename. Just seperate them with '-' like: artist-title.mp3

Hope this helps


Doesn't work for me. I post a link to an MP3, no player shows up. Just the link, in a box where one would expect the player to be. I'm using Chrome, if that matters.
Yeah apparently they changed it. You might be able to achieve the same effect using the API but I am not sure.
nah you can no longer use their player