Variable substitution

Tag: make , autoconf , automake Author: sz619000 Date: 2012-07-08

In I see variable definition where an external variable name is enclosed between two @ symbols

# @[email protected]

package = @[email protected]

Where those external variables come from? Also, I couldn't find in GNU manual what does exactly enclosing a variable between two @ symbols mean? Is it something specific to

Thank you.

Best Answer

It's an autoconf thing.

When ./configure finishes running, it generates and executes a file called config.status, which is a shell script that has the final value of the variable substitutions (anything declared with AC_SUBST).

Anything that is declared in AC_CONFIG_FILES is processed by config.status, usually by turning into foo.

When automake processes into, any AC_SUBST variable is automatically made available (using a declaration like FOO = @[email protected]), unless it's suppressed by a call to AM_SUBST_NOTMAKE.

Other Answer1

(I am not an expert, but) Yes they are specific to, and configure replaces them when assembling the Makefile, see the Autoconf Manual, section 4.8. For example, @[email protected] is defined by AC_INIT.


Also read Jack's answer (and give him that checkmark).