How to get fields from secondary list that are not identifed in the lookup into a single view?

Tag: sharepoint Author: talentcheng Date: 2009-07-15

I have 2 lists in SharePoint and one of them is a list of applications and another is tasks. The task list has a lookup column pointed at the App List: Name column. My App list contains some other information such as Department Name.

- Work Number
- Resource
- Name
- Priority
- Application Name (Lookup to Application List)
- Completion Date

- Application Name
- Department (Lookup to Departments List) - Primary Dev

New View
- Task Name
- Task Status
- Task ETC
- Application Name
- Department Name
- Primary Dev

I am basically trying to create a view that includes some columns from the Task List and all of the columns from the Application list. I know in SQL this is simply a JOIN to get the other fields, but I'm not sure how to do this with SharePoint views.

Can you please rephrase the last line, it's a little unclear
@Alex: Done....

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I'm sorry if this is way off (my head is too full of post-workweek buzz to fully grasp your problem statement), but is this what you are looking for?


Yeah, that is on the right track... Just don't want to do more here than what my users can do...
Then you are out of luck, because AFAIk SharePoint doesn't offer such functionality through the standard interface.
Doh! Seems like such an obvious feature to include too. Hey Microsoft, You listening?
Well, they might be. In SharePoint 2010 they do make "joins" a much more accessible part of a view when using the SharePoint Object Model... they might have done some tweaking to the interface as well, but I haven't looked at it yet.