hyperlink in column of dojo Enhanced grid

Tag: datagrid , hyperlink , dojox Author: motichang Date: 2013-12-23

Need help in creating hyperlink in dojo data grid column. I am able to display XML store in Enhanced data grid created dynamically. Have two columns in grid, My requirement is to make first column(Card Number) data as hyperlink in each row of grid.

My layout is defined as :-

layout = [[
      {'name': "Card Number", 'field': 'cardNumber', 'width': '100px'},
      {'name': "Name", 'field': 'Name', 'width': '100px'}

Setting XML based Store and layout dynamically.


Data is getting populated in grid, Please guide me in creating a hyperlink(java script function call) in each rows first column(Card Number).

Regards, Sagar