UILocalnotification and custom audio streaming

Tag: uilocalnotification Author: zipsoft Date: 2013-04-24

I'm trying to trigger an audio stream when a UILocalnotification is received. From what I understand, when a notification is received, this method:

- (void) application:(UIApplication *)application didReceiveLocalNotification:(UILocalNotification *)notification;

is called only AFTER the user taps the banner or alert. This makes sense to me so my App plays a local sound and after the user taps the notification, the above method gets called (if the app is in the background, or didFinishLaunching gets called if not open) and I execute my audio stream accordingly.

The interesting thing is that the IHeartRadio app seems to be doing exactly what I originally wanted to do, play an audio stream as soon as a local notification is received. What I noticed with IHeartRadio is that if the App is in the background and a notification is received, a radio stream plays immediately. If the app is not running, a local sound plays which the user then has to tap to open the app and play the stream.

So would anybody be able to shed some light as to how IHeartRadio is able to play an audio stream as soon as a notificaiton is received without any user interaction?