Windows temp file location [duplicate]

Tag: windows Author: berylgan7 Date: 2009-08-28

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Correct location to save a temporary file in Windows?

Where is a safe place to create tmp file on windows?

What do you mean by "safe" please? There is already a well known and understood temp folder as the answers show
i mean on *nix systems i can create a file in /tmp without permission problems i was looking for an equalent location for windows.

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Use the GetTempPath API, or the equivalent in your programming environment (for .NET, that would be Path.GetTempPath).

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In Win32, you use GetTempFileName, and in .NET, you use System.Io.Path.GetTempFileName.

Not in one of those languages? Check Creating a Secure Temporary File on Rosetta Code.

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What about the Temp directory? You can find its location in the %TEMP% environment variable or programmatically using the GetTempPath() function.

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If you're not using a full-blown programming language, you should place temp files in the folder whose name is stored in the environment variable %TEMP% or %TMP%


Yes, based on the non-programming nature of the question (no references to a programming language), I would guess this is the answer. If so, this question really belongs on !

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You can use %TMP% as a valid path that actually points to the users temp folder in windows.

Example (copy thefile.txt to the temp folder and rename to tmpfile.txt):

copy thefile.txt %TMP%\tmpfile.txt

To see where the actual location of the temp folder is, just run

echo %TMP%