Spanish characters in Android Studio

Tag: encoding , android-studio , iso , utf Author: renxuemeng Date: 2013-06-19

I've got a problem with Android Estudio, i'm trying to develope an application but the characters like "¿" or "ñ" and "á,é,ó,í,ú" don't appear correctly when i run the application. I've tried to solve the problem changing the encoding to UTF-8 but it doesn't matter nothing different. Can anyone help me? Thanks

Best Answer

You can solve this problem by using Unicode Characters:

Just replace the Number by the respective char you need:

For Example:

¿ = \u00BF
ñ = \u0148 
á = \u0227
é = \u00E9

Hope this is what u needed ;)


Yes, that works, thanks :)