Redim Preserve gives 'subscript out of range'

Tag: arrays , vba , excel-vba , subroutine , preserve Author: even_0210 Date: 2012-12-11

I want to Redim Preserve an array I keep getting the error 'subscript out of range'. I am aware of the fact that only the size of the last dimension can be changed. That is exactly what I am doing. What is going wrong over here? The type of the array is Variant.

BmMatrix = Sheets("BENCH").Range("a60", ActiveSheet.Range("a60").End(xlDown).End(xlToRight))
'totaal gewicht per subdeel in array wegschrijven
Dim aBmMatrix()
aBmMatrix = BmMatrix
rij = UBound(BmMatrix, 1)
kol = UBound(BmMatrix, 2) + 1
ReDim Preserve aBmMatrix(rij, kol)
TotGewKol = UBound(aBmMatrix, 2)
For i = 2 To UBound(BmMatrix, 1)
    g = 0 'g wordt totaal gewicht van land bv
    If BmMatrix(i, bm_kolom) <> "x" Then
        For j = 2 To UBound(bmexnul, 1)
            If bmexnul(j, weightkolom) = BmMatrix(i, bm_kolom) Then g = g + bmexnul(j, 10)
        Next j
    End If
    aBmMatrix(i, TotGewKol) = g
    aBmMatrix(1, TotGewKol) = "Totaal gewicht" 'titel kolom
Next i

Best Answer

Because you assign aBmMatrix array using the Value property of a range, the returned array has lower bounds of 1 for each dimension.

When you later redim it without providing lower bounds explicitly, the redim tries to assign each dimension the default lower bound, which is 0.

You need to explicitly provide the lower bounds:

ReDim Preserve aBmMatrix(lbound(aBmMatrix,1) to rij, lbound(aBmMatrix,2) to kol)