Clip not rendering?

Tag: flash Author: qazwsxedccxz Date: 2009-08-24

I've run into a weird problem.

Frame 1 contains a small preloader, and when its done, it jumps to frame 2. Frame 2 contains the main clip, website, which contains several other clips, two of them are called menu and logo. logo contains a dynamic textfield, and thats it. menu contains a clip with a dynamic textfield in it, and the clip is duplicated by actionscript at runtime.

When I run my movie within the Flash IDE (Ctrl+Enter) everything is fine. If i choose Simulate Download, a strange thing happens.

The clip website is not displayed at all. The _root frame is 2, but any clip in that frame is not displayed, including website.

I've tried deleting some clips to locate the problem. I found out that if I delete menu AND logo in the website clip the problem goes away. If i just delete one of them, the problem remains.

I tried moving the clips around, putting them in container clips, put nothing helps.

Any help would be appreciated.

Best Answer

Started over, and then it worked. Wasn't able to figure out the difference....