Retriving the url of a Hyperlink column which is in a sharepoint list, using Client object model

Tag: sharepoint-clientobject Author: celinewang007 Date: 2013-06-19

function IfModuleSucceded(sender, args) {

            var existingCount = existingItems.get_count();
            var existEnumerator = existingItems.getEnumerator();

            while (existEnumerator.moveNext()) {

                var currentmodule = existEnumerator.get_current();
                var URL = currentmodule.get_item("Request_URL");




In this Code i am trying to Retrieve the url of a Hyperlink column which is in a SharePoint list, using Client object model, but i have received an object. How could i get the Url out of this received object ????

when this code is executed, it gives the alert as "[Object Object]". would anyone help me to sort this out ??

yehaaa...i found the anwser...i can use var URL = currentmodule.get_item("Request_URL").get_url();

Other Answer1

The answer will be alert(url.url) as it's an object.

It will also have a property called description


thank you for your answer. i tried but it didn't work. i could get the url by using ".get_url()"