About generate self-extracting exe with Winrar

Tag: exe , winrar , self-extracting Author: justtide608 Date: 2014-01-22

I have to admit that I have been blocked by this problem a couple of days.

It was started with that I was looking for a tool to generate an installation exe that could pack some programs developed by me and some third-part programs developed by others into one and it also could trigger a script after installation is completed. And, I tested a lot of MSI tools but all of them not good as Win-rar which has a feature called self-extracting to handle that. It works perfectly but in order to compatible with 32bit and 64bit operating system it generates two separated exe(s) that one for 32bit and another one for 64bit.

It makes no sense because all programs inside work well in both operating systems.

Is there possible to have only one self-extracting exe that works in both environments?

Thanks for reading this and with you all have a good day.