how to change high-lighting color for python #comment in Vim?

Tag: vim , color-scheme Author: a531230853 Date: 2012-03-07

I use this script to find out the group of #comment

nmap <C-S-P> :call <SID>SynStack()<CR>
function! <SID>SynStack()
  if !exists("*synstack")
  echo map(synstack(line('.'), col('.')), 'synIDattr(v:val, "name")')

and it shows the high-light group is "pythonComment". Then where should I change the color for "pythonComment"? The default comment color is too dark in terminal.

Other Answer1

You can try this:

:hi link pythonComment Operator


:hi pythonComment ctermfg=2 gui=italic guifg=#408010

Change the color code to whatever you like.


It's not working.. I ran the second command and the # comments become the same color as ordianary word(white).
Do you use gVim or vim?