In-App Purchase not displaying on App Store

Tag: in-app-purchase Author: ccp545404110 Date: 2011-08-30

I have recently develop one app with In-App purchase.

App is also approved by apple.

But the issue is:

My app is displaying on App Store. But there is no "In-App" displaying in app store.

So user doesn't know that, my app has In-App purchase for full version.

I have tested app with In-App.

Is there like that, after some time of app approval, In-App will be displayed on App Store. Because my app is just approved.

Please help me if there is any other setting or I miss any other thing.

Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

We have an app with in-app purchase as well. I'm pretty sure the "Top In-App Purchases" started showing up the day after someone actually purchased it.

Regardless, if you want users to know you have an in-app purchase, you should use your description and screenshots to get that across.


Hi thanks for the feedback. So you mean that, there is no any issue with In-App. When someone will purchase the full version of app through In-App, then "Top In-App Purchase" section will be display in my app on App Store. right?
Are you sure with it?
Yes, I'm pretty sure. Have you had any purchases, or purchased it yourself?