How do I change the number of indent guide lines in Sublime Text 2?

Tag: sublimetext2 , sublimetext Author: grape_crystal2009 Date: 2013-01-14

The current indent guide lines show only on intervals of 12 spaces. I want them to show on intervals of 4 spaces, so they match my tab width exactly.

Best Answer

Use a monospaced font. Either, comment out the font_face setting in your Settings - User file or change it to a monospaced font available in your os.


Commenting it out will show guide lines every 2 spaces.. Any clue on how I can get it to show every 4 spaces? I'd also like to use my regular, non-monospaced font, if that's at all possible, by any other means.
Actually, commenting it out will show guide lines equal to the tab width of the current document. (I just had a document with tab width set to 2). Any clue on how to get the effect with a non-monospaced font?
I doubt it is possible. A unit of tab spacing is derived from the width of one character. So if your tab width is 4, then Sublime will move the spacing over 4 character widths. If the characters are not uniform, then the tab spacing would not match up with your actual text.
But the space character width should be uniform, no?
Right. The space characters aren't matching up with your smaller width characters. So it looks like the tab is going 12 characters, but it is actually that your "i"s and "l"s are not able stretch your code to the four space characters.