How do I indent multiple lines at once in Notepad++?

Tag: ide , editor , text-editor , notepad++ , tabs Author: chenyouzhan Date: 2009-09-05

In many text editors that are aimed at programmers, if the user has a selection that spans more than 1 line and presses the TAB key, those lines are indented by 1 TAB (or a number of spaces, depending on how the editor is configured).

However, this does not seem to be the default behavior of Notepad++. Is there a way I can do this in Notepad++, or is there a plugin that I can get to allow me to do this?

Edit: Upon additional testing, SHIFT-TAB correctly un-indents the lines as expected, but only a tab simply inserts a tab wherever the carat is. This is in version 5.4.5 Unicode

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The problem was with the QuickText plugin. After removing it, indent worked as normal.

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The problem with the new version of QuickText seems to be that it is set to react to the TAB key. Previously it was set to use CTRL-ENTER. If you change the key combination in the shortcut mapper then your TAB key should start working again, and QuickText should also work (with whatever new key you've assigned).

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If you're using QuickText and like pressing Tab for it, you can otherwise change the indentation key.

Go Settings > Shortcup Mapper > Scintilla Command. Look at the number 10.

  • I changed 10 to : CTRL + ALT + RIGHT and
  • 11 to : CTRL+ ALT+ LEFT.

Now I think it's even better than the TABL / SHIFT + TAB as default.

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I have Notepad++ 5.3.1 (UNICODE). I haven't done any magic and it works fine for me as described by you.

Maybe it depends on the (programming/markup/...) "Language"?


5.1.1 (Unicode) here and works too. Independent of the selected syntax highlighting language.

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It works fine for my v. 5.4.5 of Notepad++. I just select multiple lines and press TAB.

If you want TAB to be replaced by SPACE than you need to go Settings > Preferences and select Edit Components tab. Next check Replace by spaces check box in Tab Setting section.

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Just install the NppAutoIndent plug-in, select Plugins > NppAutoIndent > Ignore Language and then Plugins > NppAutoIndent > Smart Indent.


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Notepad++ will only auto-insert subsequent indents if you manually indent the first line in a block; otherwise you can re-indent your code after the fact using TextFX > TextFX Edit > Reindent C++ code.

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in Notepad++v6.1.8 (Unicode) it works after removing the QuickText plugin.


This has already been noted. See accepted answer.