how i can change cursor color in color scheme “ vim ”

Tag: vim , color-scheme Author: guo111111 Date: 2011-05-18

hi all i use this color scheme

Cobalt Colour scheme : Vim version of TextMates Cobalt colour scheme

I can not see the cursor in insert mode

how i can change this color


I think this is cursor part

hi CursorLine     guifg=none            guibg=#002943
hi Cursor         guifg=#F8F8F8           guibg=#A7A7A7
hi CursorIM       guifg=#F8F8F8           guibg=#002947"#5F5A60


Other Answer1

There is quite a lot of information about how to set the insert mode cursor color in the vim documentation

Here is an example from the linked documentation:

highlight Cursor guifg=white guibg=black
highlight iCursor guifg=white guibg=steelblue
set guicursor=n-v-c:block-Cursor
set guicursor+=i:ver100-iCursor
set guicursor+=n-v-c:blinkon0
set guicursor+=i:blinkwait10


The i means insert mode, v visual, c command, and n normal