How to Integrate Webtrekk with Google Tag Manager

Tag: analytics , noscript , google-tag-manager Author: q12934r Date: 2012-12-06

I am currently using Webtrekk for our analytics.

Recently, I implemented Google Tag Manager to manage and consolidate all tags. I am thinking of adding Webtrekk into Google Tag Manager and I was wondering if there are any compatibility issues.

According to, tags that use document.write, either in the snippet or in the linked JavaScript are not supported by Google Tag Manager. I found out that the linked Javascript (webtrekk_v3.2js) contains"document.write".

What do you suggest as a workaround for this?

Can I just use the tracking code inside the tags instead and skip the javascript totally?


Other Answer1

"document_write" is only needed for old browsers and is not needed anymore. ask webtrekk for the newest js release and there is no "document_write" anymore.

we implemented webtrekk successful .