Microchip's MPLAB IDE equivalent for 8086 assembly

Tag: assembly , microchip , 8086 Author: fuquanshun Date: 2010-08-03

I always wanted to learn 8086 assembly but was (and am) a little confused on where to start. We are learning PIC16F690 at the moment in school and I'm good at it. So I guess I can give 8086 a try. I'm wondering is there an IDE for 8086 like MPLAB IDE where in it you can write code and execute instructions line by line and watch memory, registers and other stuff?

I usually simply use Notepad++ with lzasm and alink (+alib for Windows - it's also at ALIB site). I have a few years of experience tough :) Intel recommends WinASM - don't get sidetracked by the fact that it's about x64.

Other Answer1

There is WinAsm Studio which is a free IDE that works with several assemblers (TASM, FASM, MASM).

Other Answer2

Visual Studio with inline assembler using C++? or MASM?


Other Answer3

An IDE like Delphi or VS with inline assembler is a good entry point.

The free Delphi alike Lazarus (http://lazarus.freepascal.org) is an IDE with support for 80386+ and x86_64 (x86 64-bit) colouring of assembler.