What is the largest screen boundry of the dynamic elements of a (Flash) SWF

Tag: flash Author: oxygenclan Date: 2009-08-18

I am dealing with SWF's that someone else made, mostly pure animation and graphics from the Flash Authoring tool (no programmatic activity, no data or net access).

How do I tell how much space on my page to give them? How can I tell the bounds of their dynamically moving elements?

Other Answer1

I remember a limit of 2880x2880, but I think that was in authoring.

What you can do is

  • get the dimensions of the loaded content in the INIT handler of your loader
  • use SWFReader or a similar class to get the swf width and height, in case the designer didn't add a mask in his main timeline to keep elements from displaying outside the stage.


2880x2880 is [also] the upper bound on bitmapdata dimensions in flash 9. (maybe it is also the answer to this question too.)