Database Down error while posting a comment through comment box in facebook iframe application

Tag: facebook Author: a8625027 Date: 2009-07-13

I have an iframe application. I have comment box functionality. It is displayed well but the problem comes when i click on post iam getting this error:

Database Down Sorry, a temporary error has occurred. Please try again.

How can i resolve this please help me on this?

Other Answer1

It may be a facebook issue...give it a couple of hours and try again. More importantly make sure you are using the recent comment tags as can be found here

Use the form to generate your code and try it out.

Other Answer2

It is old post, even though I don't know still you got an answer or not.. just in case I found the solution for same problem that's why I posting a solution here

Answer available in below thread.

Solution for the same problem in diff thread - 1199623

Other Answer3

In my experience, this is likely due to not using the xid parameter. Check that it is there, and if not - adding it should solve your problem.