Created App for Fanpage tabs - how to add it multiple Times [closed]

Tag: facebook , tabs Author: anyjz Date: 2013-06-05

I created a simple App with only option to add it as a tab to a fanpage.

via the signed_request -> page -> id parameter I create dynamic different contents (fanpage a with the module has a other content than fanpage b with the module).

But when I want to create the tab multiple times to the same fanpage it is not working (I can't select the fanpage where the app is already installed).

Is it possible to add it multiple times instead of creating a new app?

thanks so far!

No, that is not possible.
Like already stated, it's not possible. Also, i would suggest creating separate app for different content, for one simple reason: if app ever gets banned (you never know what happens) it gets banned everywhere, so you end up losing everything.

Other Answer1

This is not possible. Each app can only be installed once on each page; you can have the same app on multiple pages, and a page can have multiple apps installed.