Additional Client Information BESIDES Cookies

Tag: cookies , client Author: lyz419 Date: 2013-04-09

How can a website "remember" user information aside from cookies?

For example, there was a time when I was browsing on a newspaper website (New York Times), and I had reached the ten limit article count. Usually, I just deleted the cookies, and that would bring the article count back to zero and I could continue browsing again.

However, lately, deleting all the cookies on my computer no longer works as a way to bypass this article count block. As such, I was curious as to what other possible ways could be used to "remember" one's user information (in this case, the number of articles a user has browsed) aside from cookies.

There was also another instance where I was forever banished from a site; deleting my cookies again didn't work in accessing it - the site somehow had a way of "remembering" who the banned users were.

Best Answer

The most obvious answer is your IP address.

While not perfect, IP address blocking can be used to identify you and deny you access. In particular, its commonly used to detect what country a visitor is coming from to enforce content distribution laws.