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Tag: windows Author: xuehua9100 Date: 2009-09-09

In my window application when I login I open a new window there I want to display the webapplication that is like xxx.aspx in the same window. How can i write the code in window?

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I think you are looking for

WebBrowser Class

Enables the user to navigate Web pages inside your form.

The WebBrowser control lets you host Web pages and other browser-enabled documents in your Windows Forms applications. You can use the WebBrowser control, for example, to provide integrated HTML-based user assistance or Web browsing capabilities in your application. Additionally, you can use the WebBrowser control to add your existing Web-based controls to your Windows Forms client applications.


Add a webbrowser control from your tool box to the form in which you need to show the web page.

and you can use the Navigate method





mr.phoenix can u tell me programmatic i not understand please
See the edit to my answer
ya it is working. i have one more doubt i want to display one of my webapplication which is my localmachine (D:\\sasiweb\xxx) in that i want to display any one of the webform how it is possible thank u
ok i got it i tried my self thank u very much mr.phoenix
i write like this webBrowser1.Navigate("localhost:1058/Admin/Default.aspx"); and it is working.