Pentaho Spoon Text File Output Additional Information Header

Tag: pentaho , kettle Author: hzfyzrg Date: 2011-05-04

I am using the Text File Output step to create a CSV file, however i need to insert some additional rows of information at the top of the file. I have been able to have another transform output this data in a previous job step, however when doing so prevents me from outputting column headers in the appended csv output.

The end result I am looking for would look something like this:


DATE: 20110520


charlie, chaplain, 2345

someone, else, 1234

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Best Answer

You can output the text file without header option. Check the KTR file - I attach the links below.

Here's the : and the sample source CSV file :

Hope this help.


dino76 - that worked a treat! Thanks for taking the time to come up with the solution. Seems i'm unable to up-vote your answer due to myself having low rep :(
Hi.. it's ok. Glad that it helps !