how to fix the multiple files upload bug in INTERNET EXPLORER [duplicate]

Tag: internet-explorer , image-uploading Author: wjh_1201 Date: 2012-03-31

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Is it possible to select and upload multiple files at one time in Internet Explorer?

i have a php script to upload multiple images and save image names in database everything was going well until i tried to upload multiple images with internet explorer 8 .I cant select more then one image at a time in internet explorer i cant figure out why is internet explorer is not allowing me to upload multiple images i use following html tags to upload multiple images

<input type="file" name="images[]" multiple />

i think internet explorer does not allow to upload multiple images i need to know how to fix this problem ??

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Internet Explorer 8 does not support multiple. This has been already discussed here.


i never workd with flash can you tel how can i go about to fix this problem pls i dont want to give multiple upload button it will spoil the aesthetics of page
@sohaan Have a look at