Automatic hyperlinking in Excel

Tag: excel Author: tklsd Date: 2009-07-20

I am generating a csv file which has the link to specific files. It looks like:

D:\fgt\a.txt, D:\yxz..

Now when opening this in excel I want to make these get converted into hyperlinks so that the user clicks them and the corresponding file or folder opens up. Is there any way I can make the excel identify it as links and make them clickable links. A simple one or two steps in excel which would do this?


Best Answer

Use the HYPERLINK() worksheet function in Excel. If your generated links are in column A, insert a new column (column B) and place the following formula in cell B1:


Then simply fill down that formula in column B.


Woot for using the program's built-in functionality rather than writing code!
Thanks, that worked!
You are welcome :)
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