facebook-share popup not getting customized for an Iframe application created with DotNet Libraries

Tag: facebook Author: dingjiabei Date: 2009-08-17

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I have a .aspx page and I am creating a Facebook iframe applcation and i want to implement the share functionality on my page by using which the facebook user is able to share the contents of my page on his/her wall I using the following code to achieve this functionality

function fbs_click() 

       return false;



My problem is if in the javascript function fbs_click() if i use u = "http://www"DOT"google"DOT"com" then the google image and google customized content is coming properly but if i assign the value of u = "[email protected]" then i just get apps"DOT"facebook"DOT"com on my share.php popup and what ever customized content i want to share across doesn't appear on that

Is there is a way of customizing the share.php for iframe application if not then by what means can i achieve the functionality of sharing the contents available on my page on to my wall

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The whole methodology for sharing/liking has changed. I would suggest you convert over to using the new Like Plugin: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/