Cannot get the list schema column property from SharePoint list?

Tag: sharepoint , excel Author: zhulanchao123 Date: 2011-04-13

I am getting this error inconsistently while working with Excel table connected to a SharePoint list. Similar issue has been reported on TechNet and it indicates it could be due to certain column types such as Date and Time, Lookup, or Calculated ... I would like to know when and why exactly this happens? What's more interesting is the error is not consistent, it just happens randomly. Thanks in advance.

MOSS 2007 on Windows Server 2003 x86 Standard Edition

To be able to help you we need to know the versions of windows server and Sharepoint
Thanks Trikks, I have edited the question and added the Windows & ShrarePoint server.

Other Answer1

I was debugging this same issue just recently. I ran into a lot of explanations that an update had changed the default value for the Date columns. Solutions presented were to set a new, real default value, save, then clear it out again. Others suggested converting to Text and converting back.

In my case I was able to identify the column was not a Date field but a Lookup field. I was pulling my hair until I ran across this blog post. It mentioned this problem could happen with Lookup columns which pull data from Calculated columns. That's exactly what my problem was. Except it worked when it was first created. It wasn't until after a user accidentally deleted the Lookup column and we recreated it. That's when the trouble started.

Interestingly we have another Lookup column bound to the same list to a different calculated column but it does not trigger the error.

I did a more thorough write-up and explanation on my own blog detailing the steps we went through until we solved it.