Metro In App Purchase

Tag: microsoft-metro , marketplace Author: AARON90 Date: 2012-07-17

Will the new Metro API support in app purchases? We will be selling an app in the Microsoft Marketplace that requires a monthly subscription. Is there a model for doing this in place?

Best Answer

You can use the Windows Store In App purchase, or your own purchase model -- unlike the apple app store, you aren't mandated to use Microsofts IAP. However, there are restrictions such as being PCI compliant.

A good launching point for understanding the options is the windows store blog:

For auto renew options, your gonna have to use PayPal, or stripe. Stripe appears to be the simplest API to work with.


Ok, I read that, along with another post. That just leaves support for subscription services. Is that natively supported?
You mean auto renew with the store transaction itself? I dont believe thats currently possible using the store API's -- you'd have to use PayPal's monthly subscription offerings to perform the transaction in this case.