Visual Basic 6 WSDL Soap Proxy

Tag: web-services , vb6 , wsdl Author: fragile555 Date: 2009-09-19

How would I go about generating Visual Basic 6 Proxy dll/tlb from a WSDL file?

Similar to the WSDL2Java for java, but for Visual Basic.


Best Answer

You could generate a Web Service client proxy using one of the tools available in .NET, either through Visual Studio or one of the command-line programs (wsdl.exe when using ASMX or svcutil.exe when using WCF) and make the resulting class and its containing assembly available to COM.

If you want a VB6 native solution, I believe your best choice is using the SOAP Toolkit.

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I strongly recommend using a COM object created through .NET and WCF. The SOAP toolkit is extremely obsolete. Doing it via .NET gives you the best of both worlds - the modern tool support of .NET while still using VB6.