Find unique array of tuples

Tag: collections , f# , duplicates Author: lb7542187 Date: 2011-10-21

I have 4 arrays of different data. For the first array of string, I want to delete the duplicate element and get the results of array of unique tuples with 4 elements.

For example, let's say the arrays are:

let dupA1 = [| "A"; "B"; "C"; "D"; "A" |]

let dupA2 = [| 1; 2; 3; 4; 1 |]

let dupA3 = [| 1.0M; 2.0M; 3.0M; 4.0M; 1.0M |]

let dupA4 = [| 1L; 2L; 3L; 4L; 1L |]

I want the result to be:

let uniqueArray = [| ("A", 1, 1.0M, 1L); ("B", 2, 2.0M, 2L); ("C", 3, 3.0M, 3L); ("D",4, 4.0M, 4L) |]
So you want to zip them together per item? What if arrays contains different number of items?
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Best Answer

let zip4 s1 s2 s3 s4 =
  Seq.map2 (fun (a,b)(c,d) ->a,b,c,d) ( s1 s2)( s3 s4)

let uniqueArray = zip4 dupA1 dupA2 dupA3 dupA4 |> Seq.distinct |> Seq.toArray

Other Answer1

You will first need to write a zip4 function which will zip the arrays:

// the function assumes the 4 arrays are of the same length
let zip4 a (b : _ []) (c : _ []) (d : _ []) =
    Array.init (Array.length a) (fun i -> a.[i], b.[i], c.[i], d.[i])

Then a distinct function for arrays, using Seq.distinct:

let distinct s = Seq.distinct s |> Array.ofSeq

And the result would be:

> zip4 dupA1 dupA2 dupA3 dupA4 |> distinct;;
val it : (string * int * decimal * int64) [] =
  [|("A", 1, 1.0M, 1L); ("B", 2, 2.0M, 2L); ("C", 3, 3.0M, 3L);
    ("D", 4, 4.0M, 4L)|]


Thank you very much. Actually, my real problem has 8 arrays of different data type, since I don't know how to write the code like Zip4, as F# has only zip3 at the most; then it is difficult for me to figure out how to find the unique array of tuples.\