applicaton configuration in biztalk

Tag: web-config , app-config , biztalk-2010 , biztalk-2009 , biztalk-deployment Author: daan100 Date: 2014-04-08

I developed an biztalk orchestration where I am calling custom library method. Since my custom library is consuming a web service and writing data into database therefore it reads various info like database connection string , wcf service endpoint address from appconfig. I put my custom library into GAC and deployed the biztalk application but I am unable to find a place where I can put the appconfig which is used by custom library.

I googled and found to append the cofig file in BTSNTSVc.exe placed under :\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013, however its not the recommended way.

I appreciate if anyone can help me.

The question is, why are you calling a custom library to call a web service and database when BizTalk can use ports to do that? If you use ports your connection strings/URI's will be in your bindings. What you are doing overall is not recommended unless there is a special need such as low latency. There are various options for configuration. The BizTalk config file as you mentioned is one option, a custom config file is another, however if the connection string includes passwords it would be better to store it in a secure location such as SSO.