absolute values in Haskell

Tag: haskell Author: dandan2988409 Date: 2009-07-14

I am trying to write a function that returns the absolute value of an integer...

abs :: Int -> Int

abs n | n >= 0    = n
      | otherwise = -n

myabs :: Int -> Int

myabs n = if n >= 0 then n else -n

They both work for positive integers but not negative integers. Any idea why?

Other Answer1

Both of them seem to work just fine:

Main> myabs 1
Main> myabs (-1)
Main> abs 1
Main> abs (-1)

Other Answer2

Right, you usually need to parenthesise negative values to disambiguate operator precedence. For more details, see Real World Haskell chapter 1.

Other Answer3

Ahh! I didn't know you had to include brackets in...

myabs (-1)

someone pass the dunces cap. dohhh


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