To comment out matches in Vim

Tag: vim Author: pc1436 Date: 2009-07-15

I would like to comment out each line which has the following match


You need to somehow consider the situation by globbing. I try to make an object of the match by brackets.

I run unsuccessfully the following commands






How can you comment out the matches in Vim?

That * is not globbing, it is a Kleene closure and part of the regular expression pattern.

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I'm not sure what you exactly mean by "comment out" (are comments indicated by hashes, or what?) but it looks like what you want is to prepend a % sign. In that case,


should work ("on all lines containing 'pdf', change the start of the line to a %" is how you could read it).


Thank you for your answer! - I did not know that you can combine the commands so nicely.
@Masi, the main power of Vim and related editors comes from the ability to combine the commands

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Hmm, I think you can get it working with:


or if you want to prepend '%' instead of '#':