Google Tag Manager and Enhanced Link Attribution

Tag: google-analytics , google-tag-manager , universal-analytics Author: scg002 Date: 2014-02-02

Has anyone been able to get the Enhanced Link Attribution feature working with Universal Analytics implemented via Google Tag Manager?

My client's website has multiple links with onclick events rather than unique href values, and we'd like to be able to view and differentiate between them in the In-Page Analytics reports. I've successfully been able to differentiate between these clicks within other report views by passing an eventLabel via the datalayer, but for some reason, the In-Page Analytics do not differentiate between these links.

I've enabled Enhanced Link Attribution within my Universal Analytics tag in Tag Manager, and I've also enabled Enhanced Link Attribution within the Analytics Admin settings per

I have also assigned a unique id value to each of these links, but they are still not differentiated in the In-Page Analytics view.

For example, here is an example of the markup for each of these links:

<a id="video_nIDJiWBSKa8" onclick="OpenVideo( 'nIDJiWBSKa8' );dataLayer.push({'eventCategory' : 'videos', 'eventAction' : 'open', 'eventLabel' : 'Tutorial Video', 'event' : 'shadowboxVideo'});return false;" href="#">Tutorial</a>

I have also tried to give each link a unique href value (#video_nIDJiWBSKa8) rather than just the "#", but this had no effect either.

Am I missing something? I've been looking for a solution for weeks... does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help!

I have no source beside what I tested myself, but I don't think enhanced link attribution recognizes a click event; as far as I can tell it requires that you actually follow the href.
Thanks Eike. According to the documentation (, it should recognize the click if I assign a unique ID value (which I've done). The element does have an HREF="#" value as well, but maybe that's the problem. I tried adding unique href values to each link as well (href="#video_nIDJiWBSKa8"), but that didn't seem to work either. The lack of documentation from Google (especially in regard to Tag Manager) makes this very tough to troubleshoot.